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1) You will get technical SMS-messages related to your order on our site

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You also agree that we have a right to disclose your personal data in following consequences:

1) With having your permit: In all other cases, before we transfer any information about you to a third party, our company obliges to get your clear agreement. For example, our company is able of participating in mutual offers or having a competition with a third party - in that case, we are going to ask for your permission on our mutual use of your personal information with our company and third party.

2) Companies that work on our behalf: We are cooperating with other companies, that serve business supporting function on our behalf. Considering the latter, some of your personal information may be revealed. We strongly demand from that companies to use this information only for completing service inside their contract responsibilities; They are strictly forbidden to transfer that data to a third party if it isn’t required to perform their service.

3) Subsidiaries and joint ventures: Subsidiaries and joint ventures are organizations that are 50% or more shares belong to the company. When our company transfers your personal information to the subsidiary or joint venture our company demands to non-disclose this information to a third party for marketing purposes in any way that contradicts your choice. If you noted, that you don’t want to receive any marketing data from our company, we won’t transfer Examples of business support functions: completing orders, processing requests, prize and bonus giveaways, making polls with clients and information system control. We also disclose common personalized information while performing the service provider selection.

any of your personal data to a subsidiary and joint ventures for marketing purposes.

4) On the conjunction of positioning or partner pages: Our company can share information with partner companies if we implement together special offers and events to promote a product on mutually positioned pages of our site.

If there is a request for personal data on these pages, you will receive a notification of data transfer. Partner company uses any of your available information according to the personal confidential notification, which is available for a notice before you transfer any personal information.

5) In case we pass control over the enterprise: Our company remains the rights to transfer your questionnaire inquiries in case of full or partial sell-out or transfer of our enterprise or its assets. In the case of selling or transferring business, our company will make it available for you to deny of transfer of your personal information. In some cases, it might result in your inability to no longer receive products and services of a new organization, that were handled by our company.

6) To Law Enforcement organisations: Our company is able to disclose personal data to a third party without having your personal consent for any of the following reasons: to avoid law violation, new regulations or court rulings; while taking part in government investigation; and also bolstering and protecting rights of the Company and its joint ventures.

All of your personal information, that were transferred by you through registration on our website, can be in any moment changed or entirely deleted from our database on your request.In order to take it into action, you need to contact us in any convenient way for you, using the contact information provided in the special section of our website.

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